This led to the Greek community of Istanbul becoming the target in the Istanbul Pogrom of In response, Greece withdrew from all co-operation with Turkey. The minaret of the Tzistarakis Mosque in Athens has been destroyed like many other mosques in Greece. Now the building is used as a Museum of Greek Folk Art. A new era has begun in the Turkish-Greek relations as of , marked with the establishment of various dialogue mechanisms such as regular political. Greco-Turkish wars, ( and –22), two military conflicts between the Greeks and the Turks. The first war, also called the Thirty Days' War. Local assessment boards (all Muslim) categorized taxpayers as Muslim or not, and levied up to ten times as high a charge on the second group. The Greek minority. concern for both Greece and Turkey is that of clandestine migration and asylum-seek According to the Treaty, all Turkish nationals of the Greek Orthodox. Turkish Muslims in the Greek city of Thessaloniki are upset over the few mosques open for prayer there despite the presence of many. According to the Treaty, all Turkish nationals of the Greek Orthodox religion established on Turkish territory (other than Constantinople) and all Greek. Since Greek-Turkish relations are in a state of détente and there have been many attempts to resolve their outstanding differences (Aegean. In fact, since the s, Italy controlled all the islands of the Dodecanese archipelago, of which Megisti represents the easternmost extension.