A table is an arrangement of information or data, typically in rows and columns, or possibly in a more complex structure. Tables are widely used in communication, research, and data analysis. A table can be a spot to do a lot – from dining and drawing to playing and just holding your things. Browse our wide selection of tables in all sorts of. Check out our wide range of dining tables. Choose from our selection of styles, colours and prices or browse to find inspiration. Shop online or in-store. From dining tables to work desks and coffee tables - browse through our stunning selection of designer tables and find the perfect one for your every need. Data tables display sets of data across rows and columns. This demo lets you preview the data table component and its configuration options. The HTML element represents tabular data — that is, information presented in a two-dimensional table comprised of rows and columns of cells. visually-hidden class. Accented tables. Striped rows. -striped to add zebra-striping to any table row within the <. Documentation and examples for opt-in styling of tables (given their prevalent use in JavaScript plugins) with Bootstrap. Tables. View all; Canapes; Chaise-longue; Fauteuils; Accessoires; Chaises et tabourets; Tables; Petites tables; Tables consoles; Bibliotheques et meubles. Handcrafted, our wood tables for kitchen, living and dining room are famous for their heirloom quality.