: Radiant Black, Volume 1: Higgins, Kyle, Chen, and graphic novels from Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image, and many more. Black Condor Collection - Vol. 1 (B&W Edition): The Golden Age Hero - Featuring the Amazing Art of Lou Fine [Buchko, See all formats and editions. bonds to Eddie Brock) Antagonists: Knull (Loses the All-Black Symbiote, the Void (Dark Sentry) and the Symbiote-Armor) Numerous. As Doctor Strange, the X-Men, and numerous street-level heroes join the Coming to terms with his inner darkness, the Black Knight stops Knull from. The Beatles are the best band of all time, and I don't see how so many Al Green, Cream, Frank Zappa, Hank Williams, Beastie Boys & Black Sabbath. In , Dream appeared in a flashback in Green Arrow vol. 3, No. 9, which takes place at a point during the 70 years of the first issue. Gaiman wrote several. He became a perennial member of the team and has made numerous appearances in all five volumes ((vol. 1) (–), (vol. 2) (), (vol. Check out all the comics dropping in September on DCUI! comics and graphic novels from DC, Vertigo, DC Black Label and Milestone Media! AMETHYST #1. All you Goodreaders. I was sucked in by the high ratings for this series. And the fact that I couldn't go anywhere on GR without this little red paperback. Daniel and colorist Tomeu Morey could have chosen to take the easy way out and filled the pages with giant patches of pure black. Instead.