The Puppeteers: Directed by Lura Calder, Maurizio Rigamonti. With Bernardo Bertolucci, Ernest Borgnine, Dario Fo. One of the most famous Italian families of. A puppeteer is a person who manipulates an inanimate object, called a puppet, to create the illusion that the puppet is alive. The puppet is often shaped. Pierson's Puppeteers, often known just as Puppeteers, are a fictional alien race from American author Larry Niven's Known Space books. The Puppeteers reunites drummer and club founder Jaime Affoumado, pianist Arturo O'Farrill, bassist Alex Blake and vibraphonist Bill Ware, respected veteran. British touring company founded in in Brighton by Peter Franklin and Steve Lee, and terminated in From The Puppeteer's Company worked with. Rethink everything you know about the Center for Puppetry Arts. Our live puppet shows, museum exhibits, and events will have you feeling like a kid again! How to make giant puppets, pageants, and parades. From South Africa, via London, comes Warhorse, the hugely successful theater and puppetry collaboration between Cape Town's Handspring Puppet Company and. Puppetry Journal. Spring Available Now. Click here Thank you for your continued loyalty and support as a member of Puppeteers of America! Puppeteer definition is - one who manipulates puppets.