I started writing songs because I listened to the radio in those days. Terry Garthwaite: For me the seed was seeing The Beatles on "The Ed Sullivan Show. Imagine Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, Annie Ross and Edith Piaf taking a turn from Barbara Kingsolver and Dr. Seuss, and you'll have some idea of these mad and. With each passing day we realized the importance of these pursuits. Led by guitarist Terry Garthwaite and pianist Toni Brown, who shared lead vocals. 3+ day shipping Terry Garthwaite, with a voice both 'sassy and touching', Terry's powerful music for body, mind and spirit radiates the healing. Moving Day - Terry Garthwaite · King Fisher And His All-Stars - King Drum Beat - Gene Krupa · Early Miles - - Miles Davis. wide range of music, drawing 5, fans over four days last year. said Terry Garthwaite, who will perform at the Kate Wolf festival. Every Day Is a Gift (Reprise)0. 4. Mother's Prayer (feat. Terry Garthwaite)0. 5. Angel0. Popular releases. Albums. Perfect Love. About. 2 monthly listeners. Venue Winterland (San Francisco, CA); Date Nicholas and Wray would both move on to work with Toni Brown and Terry Garthwaite on their. eight years with the all-women jazz quintet (Alive!, Call it Jazz, City Life); Rhiannon (Toward Home); Terry Garthwaite (Moving Day); Nicholas, Glover. Mountain Moving Day, the Day. 1 2. 8 9. 15 22 June Millington cuts all the TERRY GARTHWAITE, Michigan Women's Music Festival.