Through political speeches they provided the essential oral punch for the Nazi drive to power. In utilizing speech as a propaganda device, the Nazis were quick. Among the audiovisual holdings of the National Archives are more than 50, sound recordings, the bulk of which date from the 's to the present. The band became associated with the National Front and British National Party, raising funds for them (and affiliated organisations) through the White Noise. Ultimately, Hitler was trapped within his own vision of bombing as a terror weapon, formed in the s when he threatened smaller nations into accepting. The Nazis were going to have a parade. Göring, one of the most powerful figures in the National Socialist German Workers' Party, was about to deliver a speech. By September of , Nazi Germany had conquered most of Europe and was now record the sounds of people calmly walking to bomb shelters, “like ghosts. But during this period there was great political tension and unrest within the nation's Second Republic, a period marked by a worldwide economic. The Blitz (September 7, –), bombing campaign undertaken by Nazi Germany against Britain during World War II. For eight months planes of the. European Cities Under the Bomb: Nazi and Allied Bombing Campaigns, –45 79 December And those nations that had supported the Nazi. Hitler's terror weapon failed to win Germany the war – but it did However, unlike aircraft or the V2's predecessor the V1 flying bomb.