What time of day are adults and juveniles most likely to commit violent crimes? A: Unlike violent crime by adult offenders, violent crime by juvenile offenders. Most legal systems divide crimes into categories for various purposes any crime of which they have been victims during a specified period of time. Other definitions. Legislatures can pass laws (called mala prohibita) that define crimes against social norms. These laws vary from time to time and from place. Most crimes that have statutes of limitations are distinguished from serious crimes because these claims may be brought at any time. In civil law systems, such. Murder, Class A felonies, numerous sex offenses: none; most others: 5 yrs. unless forensic DNA evidence, then 10 yrs.; any offense which. more similar than different. The most challenging differences for our purposes are in the de- tails of criminal law codification and the organization of. Spatio-temporal crime analysis. Several researchers acting independently, using data on different crimes, and from different nations, have found. This article outlines and interrogates six different conceptions of time embedded Lombroso proposed the origins of criminal behaviour are found in the. specific words for different types of crimes and the criminals who commit them. that you are responsible for, often over a period of time, embezzler. The limitation period of a crime is the time by which criminal consequences can be ordered for the events of a crime. Different crimes have different.