Discogs에서 CDr의 80 Minutes of HNW 릴리스에 대한 크레딧, 리뷰, 트랙을 보고 쇼핑해보세요. Serious Payback by Janky Funeral, released 30 December 1. Serious Payback (1) 2. Serious Payback (2) 80 Minutes of HNW also on double cdr Dvd case. Foot Worship by Koobaatoo Asparagus, released 12 February 1. Foot Worship 2. Foot Worship 80 Minutes of Hnw. Genre/s: HNW Format: CDr. Total Duration: 80 mins. Edition: Limited to Release Date: 3rd Nov Cat#: Availability: Out Of Stock. Imploding Sounds # Koobaatoo Asparagus "Hate Is Your Worst Enemy", over 80 mins of droning HNW! Cover art by me (of course). by Noise Research; Herve Perez; Gary Fisher; Maxbender; W VON; Graham Dunning; Koobaatoo Asparagus; URN; Salford Media City; Chris Anderson;. Topics: harsh noise wall, noise. MAV [0kbps] Records. Image Not Found! Paul Mcharsknee. 06/ by Koobaatoo Asparagus. Noise / Harsh Noise / Glitch / Power Noise / HNW / Ambient Noise / Other Tracklist 01 - Blaming Waves - Of Sons 02 - Koobaatoo Asparagus. Targeted: 3 Way Noise Split, Scorpion Sound Source / GDMHZ80YRZO / Formicophilia Thaspli, Scorpion Sound Source / Koobaatoo Asparagus / Monological. Active in the experimental underground since the early 80's, Ironing, Chefkirk, Stirner, Koobaatoo Asparagus, and Centipede Farmer, to name just a few.