Harmeny Athletic Club is an organization that is established in 1988 to provide assistance to students and to give training to athletes in search of a club to develop their skills and to hone their abilities. The club is composed of athletes who are experts in various sports, school coordinators who have experience in the management of the facilities and building curriculums for students, and former students who have graduated and finished training in the club.



As a club, we provide in-house training for all of our members. You can sign up as a member of the club and receive a lot of benefits and perks offered by our organization. These include offers & coupons for various products, special discounts on registration for events, and other freebies during competitions and races.

For those who are not members but want to sign up for specialized training, you can also register online and give your contact information so that we can evaluate your current skill set to determine the right training for you. We accept all age groups and skill ranges. You can enroll in our curriculums as a beginner, intermediate, and advanced. For the age groups, we love to train young students in order to increase their interest in the sport and maximize their potentials as early as possible.

If you are a member of the club, you will instantly receive coupon codes on products and services. Be sure to sign up as a member by contacting us or going to our office.

In-house facilities


Over the years, we developed and improved our facilities to provide the best for our students and members. We have Olympic-size race tracks and fields that can host different athletics sports. We can train for sprint distance races, middle and long distance races, hurdles, and relays.

We also have facilities and areas for jumping events like pole jump, high jump, and long jump. If you want to be more skilled at throwing events, you can also sign in on one of our programs for discus, javelin, shotput, and hammer throws.

For those who want to specialize in multiple events, we have created a special curriculum just for you. We want athletes to make the best use of their strengths and energy without compromising performance on all their events.

Races and competitions

We provide competitions and races for the club’s members. You can register online if you want us to send you news, event updates, and other information regarding the club and membership privileges. We can also notify you about other online shops voucher codes for those who want to get new gear as they prepare for tournaments and races.

We also participate in other national races and events. We partner with the communities to host races and raise awareness for particular causes like the importance of education for kids, alleviating labor concerns, and taking care of the environment. The proceeds of these events are given to public and private non-profit organizations to help their individual advocacies.

We are an organization whose desire is to help the people and the city. We build the interest of people on athletic sports. And we want to foster a healthier version of kids, adults and the whole environment.


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